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Northeast Championship Coaching & Premier Lacrosse Club In Palm Beach County

I (with I relating to both Player and if a minor, the Parent of such Player) voluntarily desire to participate in the lacrosse activities and such ancillary functions associated therewith (collectively the “Lacrosse Activities” ) provided by Fury Lacrosse Club Lacrosse and any of its affiliates, successors and assigns (collectively Fury Lacrosse Club). In exchange for receiving the Lacrosse Activities and/or use of the fields, and facilities, I agree to the following:

Voluntary Participation. Player desires to participate in all Lacrosse Activities and understands that lacrosse is a contact sport where physical or bodily injury may be sustained. Player hereby waives any and all claims that he/she may bring against Fury Lacrosse Club by virtue of physical or bodily injury sustained which arises from any Lacrosse Activities, including, without limitations, practices, clinics, games and/or tournaments. I agree to expressly assume all of the risks, known and unknown, of the Lacrosse Activities, in which I participate. I am also aware that if there are any Lacrosse Activities, or part of any Lacrosse Activities, that I am not comfortable participating in, that I may voluntarily decline to participate at any time. I understand that I will not receive a refund for any part of the Lacrosse Activities that I decline to receive, but it is my right to not participate and/or inform Fury Lacrosse Club that I wish to stop participating in any of the Lacrosse Activities.

Assumption of Risk of Exposure to COVID-19. By engaging in these Lacrosse Activities, I am aware that I agree to fully accept all known and unknown risks, including the potential risk of exposure to respiratory illnesses or other illnesses, diseases, or conditions, including but not limited to the coronavirus known as COVID-19. The coronavirus COVID-19 is primarily transmitted via exhaled respiratory droplets, most often through coughing, sneezing and breathing in close proximity to another person. These droplets can travel up to six feet and are more commonly transmitted between persons rather than from equipment to persons. Although Fury Lacrosse Club is complying with state laws, executive orders by the governor, federal laws, local laws, and CDC guidelines regarding cleaning, disinfecting and practices which reduce the potential for exposure to COVID-19, I understand that I may be exposed to COVID-19 or its symptoms through no fault of Fury Lacrosse Club. Known coronavirus symptoms include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, pneumonia, kidney failure, and may include additional or other symptoms, stroke or even death (collectively referred to as "Symptoms"). I understand and agree to hold Fury Lacrosse Club harmless and not liable for any real or perceived Symptoms of COVID-19 or any other disease, illness, or condition, nor for exacerbating any existing Symptoms of any illness, disease or condition, and I fully agree to accept these and all other known and unknown risks of participating in the Lacrosse Activities.

Rules and Warnings. I agree to observe and obey all posted and announced rules and warnings, and further agree to follow any instructions or directions given by Fury Lacrosse Club, or its employees and agents.

Consent to First-Aid or Emergency Treatment. I consent to the application of first-aid or other medical or mental health services to be applied if needed in connection with an emergency health problem or potentially harmful situation during the Lacrosse Activities, and I agree to hold Fury Lacrosse Club harmless as a result of any such injury or damage I may suffer due to the application of medical or mental health services or treatment. I also agree and consent that Fury Lacrosse Club may contact my Emergency Contact as shown on the bottom of this form and share detailed information about the emergency without violating my privacy rights.

Intellectual Property Rights. I understand that Fury Lacrosse Club retains all ownership and intellectual property rights to the content and materials provided to me at or through the Lacrosse Activities, including all copyrights and any trademarks belonging to Fury Lacrosse Club. I understand and agree that the Lacrosse Activities, content and materials are being provided to me for my individual use only and with a single-user license which means that I am not allowed or authorized to share, copy, sell, post, distribute, reproduce, duplicate, trade, resell, exploit, or otherwise disseminate any portion of the Lacrosse Activities, content or materials, electronically or otherwise, for business or commercial use, or in any other way that earns me money, without the prior written permission of Fury Lacrosse Club.

Media Release. I understand that by participating in the Lacrosse Activities, I am consenting to photographs, videos, and/or audio recordings that may be made that may contain my image, voice and/or likeness for current and future use, with no compensation to me. Please note that these postings and recordings may or will be shared with potential clients or other clients, in our marketing materials, website, social media or in other promotions or sales for Fury Lacrosse Club business use.

Limitation of Liability. I waive and release Fury Lacrosse Club from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which I have ever had, now have or may have in the future against Fury Lacrosse Club, arising from my past, present or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to, anything related to and including the Lacrosse Activities, including any transportation to, from and during the Lacrosse Activities, unless arising from the gross negligence of Fury Lacrosse Club.

Release of Claims. In no event will Fury Lacrosse Club be liable to me or to any person for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages for any use of, non-use, or reliance on these Lacrosse Activities or related content or materials, including, without limitation, any personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information, or any other loss, malady, disease, difficulty, injury, or otherwise, even if I am advised of the possibility of such damages, difficulties, or injuries, whether caused by the fault of myself, Fury Lacrosse Club, other attendees or other third parties. I agree to pay for all damages caused to Fury Lacrosse Club, facilities, or any other person resulting from any negligent, reckless, or willful action that I may take.

I have carefully read this document and by signing below I consent to all parts of it. I understand that by signing this Release and Waiver, I voluntarily surrender certain legal rights. If the Player is a minor, the signature of a Parent shall be required

No Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Programs are non-refundable unless cancelled by Fury Lacrosse Club.

Clinics: You are registering for class at the specified time and dates indicated. There are no make-up classes, pro-rating or switching between sessions. If the facility must close for any reason, it does not reschedule make-up dates.

All programs require full lacrosse equipment for participation. All players must provide their own lacrosse equipment.

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